This has been a tragic week with a lot of significance around human suffering and the long road we have come and still have to go. I have battled to make sense of the events so I have written a poem about what I feel is at the core of all these events: FEAR


Dark Man’s Feast


Come, take shelter and rest at my table,

Lay down the weight of your weariness,

Let this Supper feed and cradle,

A head and heart steeped in ceaseless worry


Come, a seat remains open on my left,

The right sits the Master of this house,

He never leaves

He remains bereft

of all the wonders of the world


You see friend he has been with us for centuries

He has taught us to




He promised a reprieve, a safety from earthly disease


COME fair traveller and feast on His bounty

He brings with him

Unlived lives

Uncoloured dreams

Stunted feeling

Its an acquired taste I admit but it fills the emptiness


COME now, all He asks in return is but the small price of your heart,

He will lock it securely in HIS chest

You will remain but with a small hole in your breast

A hole that can whistle at night

When winds of promise blow


The Dark Man reminds you of your exchange during this sad tune


He has formed from past and present hurt

He was there in the trenches of wars of prejudice and hate

He was there when nuclear clouds settled in the air and souls in wake

He was there in the structures of racial oppression

He was there in bullets, fire and destruction

He was there in the massacre of our Brothers and Sisters in Orlando

He was there in the rape and pillage, our human struggles


He holds me, me,

He holds you,

He holds us

on strings in his hands

He smiles ruefully at his Pantomime

In this web we remain, trapped and numbed


COME now, why the hesitation?

It’s a quiet seduction after all


He whispers

“ I will wait…. I will wait for your…

Hunger for vengeance over Peace…

Hunger for safety over Living….

Hunger for comfort over Loving….

I will wait”


I dedicate this post to all the lives lost because of unjustified FEAR.


Love to All






2 thoughts on “FEAR

  1. Molly Kain

    You are beautiful my friend an old soul of much wisdom

    1. admin

      Thank you dearest Molly, much appreciated as I wander forth

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