Coaching Services

Coaching services

Coaching services are tailored to a specific context:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Personal/Life Coaching
  • Group Coaching


Change, shift, push, emerge, these are a few words that describe the journey coaching can take you or a team

Coaching is a profound way of creating new possibilities and actions. The Empowered Studio draws on an Integral Coaching methodology to all coaching interventions and weaves in the latest techniques and thinking across psychology, philosophy, neuro biology, linguistics, somatics, learning and development models etc

I believe in providing a safe environment for my clients within all coaching services to fully explore their potential through a process of: self awareness, self correction and self generation. By keenly observing your stories (based on narrative techniques) we can identify limiting beliefs and assumptions that drive your behaviour. I am an accountability partner with you on this journey.

We will aim to provide simplicity whilst holding the multiplicity of life. We look at the core elements that can provide meaningful change to you, your team, your organisation, your family, your relationships and much more.

Coaches are often asked what the differences are between a coach, mentor and psychologist. Hopefully this will give you an overview of the distinction.

Perhaps it would be easier to describe the process of coaching (and specifically Integral TM Coaching) by looking at what this coaching is NOT:

Managing: This is power based and involves telling people what to do

Mentoring: Involves an expert or wider ‘elder’ in the organization that can use their experience and power to influence and support results

Counselling/Therapy: Focuses on exploring, understanding & sometimes solving problems based on the past and how that impacts current thinking and behaviours

Consulting: Led by experts that are solutions focused on specific issues. A space whereby the coach is an expert on a knowledge area to provide advice


What Coaching really is

• The purpose of coaching is to help others improve their skills and expandpossibilities

• It involves allowing the client to find their OWN possibilities and opportunities toresolve their issues

• It is about supporting people to expand their ‘ways of being’ so that morepossibilities become available personally and professionally, this opens up experiences and enriches the process of living and being human

• Shifts the client so that they are able to generate new ways of observing the world, which in turn produces more constructive and proactive behavior

• The coaching conversation is an exploration, predominantly led by the coach, requiring the participation of the coachee, for path that will lead to opening new possibilities

• The power is SHARED in the relationship



The Role of the Coach:

• Provide a learning context that produces relevant, practical and potentially powerful learning for the coachee

• Assist a coachee to modify their observations of how their ‘way of being’ enhances or hinders what they want to accomplish

• Provide a container of safety to allow the coachee to explore their current way of being so when the coach leaves the coachee is better equipped to navigate their world