Meet the Coach

Coach – A Story of Change

I believe that the Story we create for ourselves is incredibly powerful , it pervades into how we think, feel and act. All our stories have very common themes that paint a rich canvas of lived experiences: Identity, Meaning, Sustenance and Inspiration. The shadow side of this applies too. I have witnessed this in myself and in the clients I have been honoured to have as a professional coach.

My path toward Coaching reads very much like Alice in Wonderland. My initial “jump down the rabbit hole”  was as a Finance and Strategy graduate from University of Cape Town. I quickly realized however that I did not want to purely work with complex modeling but wanted to make an IMPACT.

I opened my first door of discovery by entering into the Management Consulting arena. I have journeyed through numerous consulting firms (from the Big Four to niche entrepreneurial firms) that allowed me to stretch my mind and see tangible change happen.

Through all this journeying however I found an ache, a whisper of “there is something missing” This came through for me (both personally and professionally) even more acutely through my observations in boardrooms. People inflicted hurt and pain and teams battled to yield results around the brilliant ‘head’ ideas. There was a disconnect between what was thought up to what materialised. This was my white rabbit… The chase of something  incredible yet elusive that could make a change in how people, teams and communities could engage and work.

I have been involved in a variety of projects across Africa in both public and private sector. The breadth of engagements is large but with a focus on making people own their respective paths. Examples include:

  • Articulating a target operating model
  • Market entry strategy
  • Developing and implementing a Leadership Development Program for a large power utility
  • Developing and implementing a Performance Management system
  • Leading top team alignment workshops

Path as a Professional Coach

I faced a fork in my road in Wonderland, pursuing an MBA (as expected from a Consultant) or something different. I chose this “other” path, a path that deals acutely with the PERSON in front of me. I have not looked back since. I have completed Associate Coaching Course (ACC) and Professional Coaching Course (PCC) from Centre for Coaching at UCT and I am a certified professional coach – Integral Coach (TM) Ventures West. I have also completed the Conscious Living Program (CLP) from the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies . I am passionate about groups and the power it can have in changing culture, I am pursuing my training as a Group Analyst through Ububele foundation (affiliated to the Group Analytic Society International based in UK)

I feel I have walked through many doors down my trip in Wonderland and have found a richer way of engaging the world. I am excited to take the journey with people and teams as a professional coach, to see where we both can grow and change.



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